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If you observe the laws of Kashrut, you will have more specific needs when it comes to having a custom kitchen remodel done in your home. Designing a kosher kitchen takes more planning as there will be two of certain items and appliances that other kitchens may only have one of. At Kitchen Krafter, located in Ocean Township, New Jersey, we take care to design a kitchen that respects our Jewish client’s faith.

Critical Factors in Our Kosher Kitchen Designs

Since meat and dairy cannot intermingle at all in such a kitchen, certain items need to be addressed. One of these is the sink. This type of kitchen should have a double sink to make things easier in terms of one being used for meat and the other one for dairy. This saves you time over having to clean out a single sink between using it for either of these types of food.

Countertops are another important consideration in such a kitchen. At Kitchen Krafter, we know to use a very hard material for a counter surface, such as granite or quartz. This will keep it from developing cracks that could become contaminated with one of the foods that can’t be mixed.

Being sure to keep certain foods separate when they are stored as well means that a kosher kitchen may require more cabinets than most. You may even want to get an island in your kitchen because this will give you a whole separate area with its own countertops, drawers, and cabinets.

Finally, appliances are another consideration. You may want to have two ovens and refrigerators in your custom kitchen for worry-free cold storage and heating of foods. Since the Sabbath observance requires Jews not to use electronics, we can even design your kitchen to allow for appliances that have a “Sabbath” mode that takes this into consideration.

A Kosher Kitchen that Fits Your Desires

At Kitchen Krafter, we have been working with many customers and budgets over the time we’ve been in business in New Jersey. This includes customers who have specialized requirements such as needing to have their kitchen be kosher. Kitchen design is already a big undertaking, and the additional considerations of kosher design make it a job that you do not want to leave to anyone but the best.

We follow a process for getting to know exactly what you desire and measuring everything exactly so there are no surprises about everything fitting together perfectly. We use the latest computer aided design technology to visualize your kitchen and then have installers put it all together while staying in communication with you throughout this process. Let us show you what we can do to make your kosher design a reality, and you may be the next glowing testimonial from satisfied customers on our website.