If you are looking for professional New Jersey kitchen contractors who get the job done right, you don’t need to look any further than our dedicated team at Kitchen Krafter. Based in Ocean Township, we offer the best kitchen remodeling Monmouth County residents can get. Our kitchen design services are available throughout the county including such well known cities as Asbury Park, Belmar, Long Branch, Red Bank and Farmingdale. We can handle any type of kitchen design you need, and we are used to having to work within a budget, and we will deliver the most kitchen remodeling NJ residents can get for their budget.

One of the more important kitchen design services is that of creating a handicapped kitchen. In today’s world, people are living longer than ever, which is a wonderful thing. It does mean our population is aging, however, and this means increasing numbers of people are living with issues related to their age and health that limit their mobility and flexibility. If you or anyone in your family is living with crippling arthritis, was disabled in an accident, needs a wheelchair to get around or suffers from any of a number of other issues, you will appreciate our handicapped kitchen designs that make this room a joy to use again.

Important Handicapped Kitchen Design Elements

To begin with, you will need space underneath countertops and other surfaces in the kitchen, so you or any disabled family members can pull right up to the surface in a wheelchair. Also, we realize that these surfaces may need to be positioned lower down for optimal comfort. This need to have space underneath a surface for someone in a wheelchair is also critical when it comes to your sink. We’ll incorporate a shallow sink design that doesn’t come down as far underneath into your handicapped kitchen design.

When offering our kitchen design services to those who need an accessible kitchen, we also know that cabinets need to be lower to the floor. It can also help for you to have us install pull-out shelving in the cabinets, so you can still have a decent amount of depth for storage space in your cabinets and yet still be able to get to items in the back of the cabinet.

In addition to making parts of your kitchen more accessible, there’s also the matter of making items you can reach more usable if you have limitations in your mobility or flexibility. If you have crippling arthritis, for instance, you’ll want handles you can simply push or pull to operate the faucet in your sink instead of twist knobs that you may have trouble gripping or turning.

As a final point, appliances, as with cabinets, would need to be low enough to be conveniently reached from a wheelchair. One example of this might be having us install a couple low-height refrigerators instead of a single full-height one. This way you’ll still have plenty of storage space but can easily access all of it. Ensuring electrical outlets are in an accessible location is one more touch that will make your kitchen far more comfortable for use by a handicapped family member.

Kitchen Designs With Your Needs and Budget in Mind

Our New Jersey kitchen contractors are careful to discuss all of the above elements and more with you when we first meet and determine what you are looking to accomplish. We have been in business for over 30 years delivering the kitchen remodeling Monmouth or Ocean County residents have desired and doing so quickly, professionally and within budget. Please contact us at Kitchen Krafter today, so we can transform this room in your home with the type of professional kitchen remodeling NJ residents have come to expect from us.

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