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Frequently Asked Design Questions

  • Do I need to change my flooring?
    Flooring does not need to be replaced if the floor plan is staying the same. If the floor plan is changing, new flooring or patching the existing floor may be necessary.
  • Are customers required to use Kitchen Krafter’s installer?
    We offer installation as well as construction services if needed. However, it is not required that our installation or our installer be used.
  • Do the cabinets come with handles?
    Cabinets do not come pre-drilled for handles or knobs. We offer hardware at our showroom, or it can be purchased elsewhere.
  • How long will my kitchen renovation take?
    Time varies depending on the amount of construction being done. You may be without a working kitchen for 2-4 weeks, but again, it depends on each individual project.
  • Can I reuse my old cabinets?
    We will leave your old cabinets for you to use if you want them. We will install them elsewhere if you would like (in a garage, basement or laundry room).
  • Do all the cabinets need to be in the same color?
    Cabinets can be different finishes. We usually see that on the island being a different finish from the rest. Or the lower cabinets can be different from the upper cabinets. Creativity and adventurous mixing and matching are encouraged.
  • Do we have room for an island in our kitchen design?
    At Kitchen Krafter we will do our best to design your new kitchen to include an island (if that is what you want). Industry standards suggest 36-48 inches of space between the island and other surfaces. We want you to love your new kitchen, but we also want it to work well for you. We believe form follows function.
  • What is the difference between quartz and granite?
    Quartz is a human-made product that requires no maintenance and offers a warranty. Quartz is also uniform in its color, unlike most granite, which can have variations due to their being natural stone.
  • What are most people doing these days?
    The most common cabinetry currently is white painted shaker style doors. People are requesting clean, simple lines, which is exactly what a beautiful white painted shaker door will provide.
  • Do refrigerators come in different depths?
    Yes, refrigerators are available in several different depths: Built-in: so it is the same depth as your cabinetry. Counter depth: the box of the refrigerator will line up with your cabinetry, and the doors will extend beyond your cabinets. Standard depth: these refrigerators have much more cubic footage but may extend several inches beyond the cabinetry.
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